Sexy Vampires

20181115_134928I loved vampires as a teenager and well into my twenties. They were just so damn sexy. I read every book about them, watched every movie. I saw this book on the shelf at our used bookstore a week back and thought, yes…I need to revisit this one! I devored it.

It was still a pretty good story. I did very much get sucked (yep, I said it) into it. I brought the movie up on Netflix but only got about fifteen minutes into it before turning it off in disgust. I wasn’t happy with their choice of actors back then either.

I did get something interesting this time. I learned something about vampires. They’re dead. I know! You didn’t know that? Of course they are! But here’s the thing. Louis never let go of being alive, of being human. He thought he was ready to die. I guess they all thought that and eventually came to terms with it in one way or another, or died.

Vampires are dead. They are dead things and don’t change. They don’t grow. They don’t add to the living world. They only feed off the living to stay the same.

It’s tragic. How could we want that? We love vampires because they live forever, they have power over others. But at what cost? The fact that we die, that our time is limited, is what makes being human so wonderful. We have to spend our time wisely. We have to work to stay alive.

I’m not so in love with vampires any more. They aren’t half as sexy as they used to be. Maybe I’ve grown and left them behind.

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