What is Love?

What does being “committed to your marriage” really mean?

For us, it means we are dedicated to making each other’s lives better. We’re committed to living together in peace, respecting each other as individuals, supporting each other in reaching our goals and dreams. We have contracted with each other to raise our kids together, hand in hand, at least until they aren’t in need of parenting anymore. We’re a partnership of two whole human beings. We each have our own wants and needs, and we promised to always be honest and open about ourselves while we discuss and negotiate how we will do everything as a partnership. We try not to take any aspect of our marriage as a given, but if it is, we talk about it (even if that means we have to text each other to keep space when things get heated) and come to an agreement based on mutual respect.

To us, it’s called love. We love each other so much, we’d rather see the other satisfied than be right. It hasn’t always been easy and we have failed miserably over and over again, but we always come back to the original commitment and try again. There is little we wouldn’t do to make each other happy and little we would do if it hurt the other.

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