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So…not getting much done on the writing front, but at least I’m keeping my journal!

I’m reading “Essentialism” by Greg McKeown and hearing him talk about conscious journaling is pretty awesome. You’d think I’d be the master of journals by now, but I learned one interesting thing, go back and read them every 3 months or so and look for the lead, the headlines. I’ll be making a date for that! I’ve gone back and read journals before but with no real purpose/focus and I go back too far and get overwhelmed, or depressed about how little has changed. If I make a date with myself to do it every three months, like a tune up, it’ll be short and focused.

I need to start scheduling time to just think as well. Quiet time daily, maybe longer time weekly or monthly. I’m always keeping myself too busy. I’m afraid of sitting still, being bored.

Eating habits have gone out the window since my mom is here. She’s a bad influence! LOL! But why not have fun like a vacation and get back to work on Monday?!

It’s nice having her here. We always have lots to talk about. And I love that the boys are here, home from work and school while she is visiting. She gets to see them in their natural habitat instead of under the stress of visiting or vacationing.

Back to a journaling thing. A blogger I follow posted a long journal entry about her husband’s heart attack. That woman is amazing. She’s always kept that blog and even now she keeps going. She isn’t looking for sympathy or likes. She just knows that a lot of people care about her and her family and wanted to keep us all updated publicly so we don’t bug her with questions. She keeps notes all the time and puts them all in the blog post, expanding on them when needed. It’s just another example of how much we can learn from other people’s every day experiences. I wonder…should I do something similar with my blog? Write the book, yes. But I tend to not post for a week because I can’t think of anything I think is spectacularly insightful. Can I decide that for others? Or should I just write what I’m thinking and doing and let others find it, read it, and decide for themselves if it is helpful for them?

I keep a lot of little notes on my phone, ideas I think of, quotes, websites I want to revisit. Most times I never get back to them. But what if I built it into the end of my day to sit down and write those here. Every morning, I freewrite this journal already. It usually consists of my plans for the day, what happened yesterday, or some thought I’ve been pondering after my morning read. But that’s where it ends, in a computer file.

I’m thinking about coming here after dinner or just before and pulling out my phone notes from the day, recapping our adventures, etc. Like a wind down. Then editing it all the next morning and posting it.

My blog is always so scattered. You never really know what will go up here. I try to keep a schedule, post certain topics on certain days, but that’s just not my style. It feels forced. Stick with me as I try to sort out my thinking.

This may take a while.

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