Putting It Out There

Creativity comes with the absence of inhibition, a strong self-confidence, a willingness to take risks.

Creativity is doing something, saying something, that everyone else around you isn’t. What if it isn’t accepted? What if it’s wrong? What if you look stupid? These internal narratives stop your creativity.

No one is born without it, but many are afraid to express “out of the box” ideas because they grew up being discouraged from expressing themselves and asking too many questions. They have learned to be safe, to be loved, they must be quiet and act like everyone else.

Being creative is not just about art. It’s about living in ways that make you happy, ways that may not be for everyone. It’s about finding and doing the things that fulfill you personally. It’s about discovering new ways to do just about anything. It’s about making life better for yourself and everyone around you.

We can’t teach creativity but we can support its development and encourage its growth by being accepting and allowing people to express themselves in any way they see fit. Teaching creativity would be like teaching personality. You just don’t. You can only allow people to be the individual that they are born to be.

How much better and more peaceful would the world be if more of us supported and encouraged others to be themselves without judgment?

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