Mourning Political Change: A Passing Feeling

Mourning political change, to lament the perceived decline of the nation, is that only attachment?

Will some new thing, some new way be discovered that will be greater? There was a time when we never did “science.” Someone discovered there were laws and principles behind natural phenomena, and the world began to change.

It was the same with self-government, industrialism, and capitalism. Those that moved into the new ways easiest probably weren’t holding tight to the old. They probably felt like the world was ending when the group of people that believed we could live without a king grew larger and larger.

One hundred years from now, will we see where we went wrong? Or will we see where the change began?

That’s the real fear I’m holding right now, attachment to what I know and accept, my comfort.

My hope is that these are growing pains, not death throes. In the mean time, yes, I’m mourning political change. It feels bad but I know feelings aren’t permanent.

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