Birds and Bees

Photo by Thomas Bonometti on Unsplash

Humans are fascinating.

A dove doesn’t look at a phoebe nest and try to make one like hers. A wolf pack doesn’t see a flock of birds and consider flying. Cats don’t see squirrels and think maybe they should try living in a big family of other cats.

But humans do. They look at a pack of wolves and relate to the family structure. They see a bee hive and wonder how they could make buildings as solid. They see birds and consider ways to fly.

Animals don’t attempt to make others live the way they do. They simply be and run off (or kill and eat) those creatures that don’t fit into their ways.

Humans are different.

We try to respect other animals and their ways. We don’t try to make wolves live the same way as domestic dogs. We don’t try to make one kind of bird make nests the same way another bird does. We allow them their space and glory in their differences.

We keep them out of our spaces as best we can but attempt to live in peace with them.

What if we gave other humans the same respect we try to give animals?

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