You are the hero and your
mentor/gaurdian is inside you.

A while back…when I had more time to think…I thought, “Maybe I should post these to my blog as well and maybe elaborate just a tad.” And then I forgot because there were pretzels to make, a garage to paint, and my son needed me to listen.

I thought of it a second time, but got caught up in how I should, if I should, and then…well…I’m already in the middle of this book, so I’ll wait until I start a new one. It would take too much time right now to go back and catch up. Then I forgot about the idea when I started a new book.

Today…I’m starting where I am.

I’m having a lot of dreams lately, as I have in the past, but they’ve changed focus. It dawned on me in the shower this morning (as things usually do) that they are “accommodating” dreams. Making room for things and people, ideas and concepts.

The work continues.

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