My “Level Up” Birthday Giveaway!

Started a new book for a new year…story to follow. Read on!

A BIG HUGE THANKS to Book Coffee Happy – Let’s discuss books! for the Birthday Inspiration she gave me last night! Go wish HER a Happy Birthday, too! Personally, I think December babies are the best kind of people, especially the redheaded ones. We’re just cool, if I do say so myself.

So…it’s my “Level Up” day, as I like to call it. Currently rocking Level 48 as of today. I’ve gained many experience points, not too many weapons gathered, but many spells and skills. Here’s to hoping for many more! How about you?

My birthday has already been pretty fabulous because I started reading Ready Player Two this morning. My Dad and I LOVED Ready Player One and when he pointed out that there was a TWO coming…I immediately jumped over and pre-ordered it and then…magically…it came in the mail just days before by birthday so I saved it! And now I’m sure my Dad and I will have many notes to compare in the coming weeks. …swoon…

Reason #2 for an already awesome birthday!

A friend got me this cup yesterday while we were shopping at Target. I passed it by three times, saying, “No coffee cups. I have enough!” But…it was just so perfect. “It’s true! It’s true!” Embracing my “not always nice, but I AM trying” personality. Maybe that’s just part of growing up?

My wish as I blow out the candles this year? Another year of chances to share more loves, conversations, cups of coffee, tacos and pizza. Drinks with friends, tv and couch snuggles, new books, and…dare I say it…the courage to attempt more writing and sending those letters to publishers.

In honor of this day…and my fabulous parents, both birth and step, I’m going to give away an Amazon gift card to a random commenter, just like my friend at Book Coffee Happy. Yay! Your gift to me will be commenting something clever instead of just reading and loving my words in your heart, which I know you do every single day. Don’t try to hide it!


  1. First, happy birthday to my favorite blogger! I love reading your thoughts (and emotions) every day. I feel that I have learned more about who you are as a person through your writting.

  2. Good Morning and Happy Birthday!
    Do we really have to care? I mean it’s how we behave that counts, not whether we care or not. If we can separate behavior and kindness from caring, the caring becomes unimportant really. Be kind, and polite and the caring will come and go as it is normal for some of us. I’ve started to realize that what is normal for me, is not necessarily normal for others, and if they don’t like it, that is their problem. I t doesn’t make me a less or worse human being, it just makes me different. And different is good, very good. 😀

    • Well…that’s a post I’m working on right now! Recently I’ve been having a lot of trouble with the English language. We just don’t have enough common words to share feelings without running into conflict. One word can have far too many meanings for far too many people. And defining every word from my perspective each time I use it…frustrating for me AND my reader.
      But, like my son says, some things are simply meant to be funny and not overthought, like memes, IG photos, and coffee cups! 😀

      PS Totally thrilled that you commented AND that your comment made me think! <3
      AND YOU’RE THE WINNER! So email me at and I’ll send your prize! Yay!!!!

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