Why do I Get up in the Morning? Cake!

This one will be short.

Why do I get up in the morning?

Breakfast cake!

The best part of a birthday or holiday is that there is usually leftover pie or cake and, for the next couple of days, there is a breakfast treat!

There is nothing in the world like a hot cup of coffee and big piece of cake or pie.

How do you like the look of my birthday cake? The recipe? Sure!

Best Chocolate Cake – Handle the Heat

My version uses a cup of strong coffee instead of espresso powder and coconut oil. I don’t like frosting much, so I fill between the layers with cherry pie filling I make from frozen cherries cut in half instead of canned. AND this time I sprinkled it with powdered sugar. Next time I’m going to sprinkle it with chopped almonds, too!

Gotta go! The cake calls me!

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