Do We Have the Ability to Choose the Meaning of Our Life Story?

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“He’ll remember the story, turn it over carefully in the back of his mind, feel the edges of it like he would a lucky coin. A story will change him if he lets it. The shape and spirit of it. Change how he acts, what dreams he chooses to believe in. We all need our stories; I just fed him a good one.”

The Library of the Unwritten by A.J. Hackwith

What is the meaning
of your life story?

If my personal story is one of tragedy, that will be the plot that I follow to the end. If it’s one of transformation and ascendance, I’ll follow that to my death. It’s up to me to choose a story.

We all begin choosing the meaning
of our story early in life.

Our family, friends, culture, society, religion, all help us to shape that story. I remember fantasizing a lot as a teenager. Don’t laugh, but I desperately wanted my life to be more than what it was, like every teenager I suppose. I read a lot of horror and watched a lot of movies of the same genre. At one point I really latched on to vampire stories and really believed that I must be one. I was living a double life, one of a white middle class teenager and the other a sensual, life sucking, demon of the night. It was a far more exciting story.

The fantasy comforted me. These people around me had no idea what I was. I wasn’t like them, not really. And some day they’d know…right as I sucked the life from them or made them one of my minions.

I grew out of it, eventually, but really, I just shifted my story. I started working at Disneyland and was part of “the show.” Everyone came to see me, everyone wanted to be me when I told them what I did. In my twenties, I was one of the guys on the crew, working toward a spot on a touring show or on Broadway. I’d design and run shows everyone saw.

When I got married; I became a wife and mother. I started homeschooling my children; I was a homeschooler just slightly outside “mainstream” society. I found Jesus; I was born again, destined for more than this world had to offer. My story continues to change every year, every day for that matter. I’m always working on it. Sometimes I’m a writer, an influencer of people’s minds and their stories. Other days, I’m just a housewife in the desert trying to share the interesting things she finds, probably nothing much to see here.

And there are still other days when I can’t find a story. Those are the bad days when I just want to disappear, feeling that I already have, or maybe never really did. Dark days.

It’s all just a story, one we make up to explain the world we live in. There has to be a meaning to what we are experiencing, right? It can’t possibly just BE.

Here’s the exciting part to realizing that it’s all just a story…you can change it if you want to. It’s not easy, but it’s true. Try some small adjustment and see what happens. I don’t HAVE to go to the grocery store, I GET to and there’s so much to choose from. My friend isn’t answering my text because he doesn’t like me, he’s busy. My parents weren’t horrible people bent on controlling my every move and making me into mini-them, they were just people doing the best they could with what they had and they love me.

Try it. I double dog dare you.

Do you want to read “The Library of the Unwritten”?

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