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Do You Need a “Productive” Day of Rest?

A productive day of rest, picture of a desert picnic.

Monday is usually my most productive day of the week, but this one is different.

It’s the Monday after a glorious outdoor Sunday morning, an afternoon of rousing and hilarious games of pool and several shots of tequila, a Taco Bell dinner (because dammit the taco fries are back), and half a movie on the couch before I fell asleep.

I had planned on a productive day around the house. I had every intention of being a “productive” blogger type person today, but I’m not being lazy.

I’m thinking.

Recently, I ditched all the socials, as you might know, starting with Facebook. I didn’t miss it. Then I stopped looking at Instagram for a month. Then disabled it. But this past week, I began to miss it. Why? Is it just habit? Or something else?

You know what I think? I think, the way things are around here, I need that small connection with mostly strangers. I need a place to say, “Hey, look at this!” Or “Damn I’m happy (or sad)!”

I enjoy seeing the pictures there, the deep thoughts, the jokes (dirty or otherwise). It’s seeing other people’s view point of view, like hanging out at party or working a job with interesting people I can “turn off” if I want to. The bottom line is…I need some people.

I don’t need a lot of people. I don’t need constant contact or a boatload of friends to invite over. Maybe all I really need a small outlet, some folks to show off for. It’s the extrovert side of me, the explorer side seeking a platform to be seen and heard.

I like having the ability to share the wonder I see in the world around me. Is that so bad? I’m searching for new connections with other fascinated souls. Will I find it there? Or is there somewhere else?

But now, here I am, several hours into the day, thinking, “Did I just waste that time? Could I have been more productive with that hour?” Possibly, but then, maybe not. Maybe this is what I needed today.


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  1. My days at home (usually weekends) are the antithesis of productivity. This past weekend, I installed a new water filter (2 hours). That’s about all I did that I consider ‘productive.’ Oh I went for a run and I wrote a blog post. I can’t think of a single other thing I did this weekend except sit around, and my wife might argue that writing a blog post falls in the sit around category. I usually enter the weekend with three or four things I want to achieve, but rarely do more than one. I’m very relaxed though.

    • Michelle Huelle

      Everything I do is productive! It just depends on what I’m trying to produce, which I am attempting to become more aware of at this late stage in the game. Better late than never, right?

  2. Oh, and by chance, that whole post was on the topic of making connections with others through blogging.

    • Michelle Huelle

      Mmmm…connections…THAT’S the ticket right there! (inserts heart emoji if she knew how.)

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