My Confession And A Break

Confession time: I am naturally…kind of an asshole. I talk to much, tend to focus on my own feelings, have little empathy for others, joke too much, and tend to be a bit abrasive. I’ve been trying to hide it my whole life and it is exhausting, especially these days. I write here about books and family and love and light and peace…because I’m trying to learn a new trick.

The Stoics and Buddhism is really helping, so I’ll be staying on that path for a while.

There are many days where I just want to be my natural, smart-ass, kind of a jerk, self, but I’m afraid. I also very much crave the company of other humans and, for some reason, no one tolerates an asshole. And, if you think about it, they are necessary. You’d die without one, so maybe we should be a little nicer to them.

If I were braver and had a thicker skin, I’d start a social media campaign.

“Everyone needs an asshole.
Be kind to the ones in your life.
They need love too!”

That being said, my family is here to visit this week, so I won’t be posting until next week so that I can fully focus and enjoy their company.

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