Trail Camera: This Week in Pictures

A change in the weather means a change in routine, and maybe changing things up here too. I’ve decided to do something fun…well…I think it’s fun. On Sunday mornings I’m going to share a few of the desert pictures I took from the week. It’s cool enough for the trail camera to be out again, so I had to share my favorites!

I know, it’s not related to books but life is more than JUST books.

Yep. I said that.

These first three are from my trail camera I set up near a water bowl at the north side of the house. I catch lots of birds, squirrels, rabbits, not to mention dogs and cats. These are my favorites this week.

The quail are abundant this year. I’ve seen as many as twenty fly away from the bushes when I got out to water the trees.

And I love the birds when they take baths. This is a California Thrasher. He looks like he’s irritated that I took pictures of him in the tub. “A little privacy, please!”

I heard my dog barking in the livingroom last night around midnight. Now I know why. I’ve seen four coyotes at a time at the water bowl. I wonder if I’ll get any pictures of the puppies some day.

Since the weather was so cool this week, especially in the morning, I decided to get a jump on the Fall yardwork. Cleaned out leaves, cut back branches, and reformed some water basins at the bases of my trees and bushes.

That little tree is my latest addition. It’s a cutting from the Fruitless Mulberry trees near the porch. That baby is only about four months old and already ready to be in the ground. He’ll probably grow to be fifty feet tall!

That’s all this week. This blog, while focused on books, is more than just that. It’s my journey, my point of view. I’m thinking on some things (Crazy, right?) and I’m considering changing this blog a little bit. I hope you’ll stick around to see where we go.

I’m going to think and write more later, but for now I hope you enjoy my view.

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