The Cider House Rules: New Read

“The Cider House Rules” looks so innocent. A small paperback novel, one that a great movie was based on, sits upon my TBR shelf. It was bought from an unexpected used bookstore at the Moreno Valley Mall called The Dollar Bookfair, recently. $1 for, what now looks like is going to be, nearly twelve hours of beautifully written entertainment.

I didn’t realize that John Irving’s book, written in 1985 was going to be such a complicated read when I picked it up, but I’m loving his style something fierce.

A few months ago, I watched the movie for the first time. I know…twenty years late. I’ve seen the trailers, always looked like it would be a great story, and it has some of my favorite actors in it. Why did I never watch it? Probably because it came out right as I got married, was busy with work, and then kids. I haven’t had time for dramatic movies that kids can’t sit through.

But I do now!

I didn’t rush to put the book the movie was based on on my TBR list because it was a fine movie. I didn’t feel like I was missing anything, but when I saw it on the shelf at the Dollar Bookfair for $1, I had to have it. Why not?

I thought this would be a 50-page-per-hour book, like many novels are, but it’s turning out to be half that. The language, the descriptions of place and character are just so beautiful that I can’t rush through.

The story is not easy emotionally either. There’s a lot of pain to get through, but luckily, since I’ve seen the movie, I know that there is a lot of beauty and joy as well. The story reflects life. Nothing is easy and straightforward. The bitter makes the sweet so much more rich.

So here I am, diving in. I’m predicting fifteen days to finish this book. We’ll see. Have you read The Cider House Rules? Seen the movie? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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