The Temerity of that Woman

“The temerity she has. I wouldn’t dare.” Of course you wouldn’t, you’re not me.

I wasn’t going to write twice today. I looked over at my husband and told him, just an hour ago, that I would not get ahead of myself. I’d stick to creating one new habit at a time…this time.

But then, one more cup of coffee. I’ll go through my WordPress reader and see what others are putting out into the universe.

Inspiration comes. And for once, I stop and take up the baton.

Thank you, Sammi Cox for starting the race.

wk 243 temerity

And to A Dalectable Life for passing it on. Your Hindsight is 20/20 Vision was relatable.

She had the temerity…

To speak up, spend more, order that drink.

What do I have the temerity to do?

To expect that when I speak, write, post, or text, someone will respond.

That’s too much to ask, they say.

Say what you want to say, and let it go.

But then, what’s the point of saying anything at all?

To have put my own thoughts into the world.

I have a page of short stories here that desperately needs attention. Maybe this will be the year I unleash the creativity, stop being so timid, and have the temerity to do what I really want to do, say what I need to say.


  1. I love that you found this challenge and that my submission was relatable to you. And you did a fabulous job on this challenge. I think you WILL unleash your creativity this year!

  2. Hey, Michelle!
    I went to your post that you linked at the bottom of this one and there is no comment section.
    Just thought I’d mention it to you as I wanted to leave a comment of encouragement!

  3. Nicely done. In the book Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert claims that if we fail to act upon the gift of inspiration, it goes to someone else. 🙂 I’m glad you wrote.

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