I Have Declared a Cheat Day!

What do you mean by “cheat day,” Michelle?

Well, you know when you’re dieting, and you just can’t seem to find anything tasty that isn’t 1000 calories? Or you know that you’re going out with some friends and there is NO WAY you’re NOT going to have that burger and a giant beer?

Cheat day, right? You’re not going to stop working toward your goal of losing the extra pounds, but in the name of mental health, you decide to take the day off and live a little.

That’s kind of what I’m doing today with this blog post. My goal is to write and post every day, but I never said it would be a brilliant piece of work EVERY time. I also have reached the milestone of 67 posts in a row. I can’t lose that streak! It would be devastating in my heart place!

So here we are having a blog post cheat day together!

What have I done today? Well…

In my defense, I did do the dishes this morning and make a nice breakfast for my mom and stepdad before they left. And I did my laundry. I also spent quite some time adding books from old reading journals into the database I’m setting up in Excel. I’ve gotten back to 2018 so far!

More importantly, I spent over three hours reading I. Asimov this morning. I’m enjoying it so much. He writes like he’s talking to friends over dinner. I think I’ve enjoyed just about everything I’ve read from him. He seems like the kind of guy that would be fun to have at a party. There’s only one downside to it though; it’s not a very quotable book. That’s why you’re not seeing many Instagram posts from me lately. It also makes it hard to write about what I’m reading without simply rehashing what he said.

I think I’ll start another book tomorrow morning to read alongside Mr. Asimov, in the interest of mixing things up a bit. I’m not sure what just yet, but I have five books that I bought over the last couple of weeks that I’m dying to get into. Which will it be?

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope your weekend is as blissfully quiet as mine will be. Maybe take a cheat day?


  1. Wow, if your cheat days still involve writing, I wonder what your non-cheat days are like, lol. Great to see that you’re still keeping the chain of posts going. Keep on keeping on!

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