Inspired by a Magical Universe

I’m off playing in the world today, instead of waking up and doing my regular morning routine, so this will be short and sweet. I’m still devouring Will by Will Smith with Mark Manson like there’s no tomorrow. The man has me riveted. This morning, I found myself crying my eyes out, gasping in fear, and then laughing out loud at his antics, all within the same two hours.

But this quote is what I want to share with you most right now.

“The universe is not logical, it’s magical.

A major aspect of the pain and mental anguish we experience as humans is that our minds seek, and often demand, logic and order from an illogical universe. Our minds desperately want shit to add up, but the rules of logic do not apply to the laws of possibility. The universe functions under the laws of magic.”

When I read it, I thought, “Oh yes…this world is something else, isn’t it?” But when I went back later to quote it here, I thought, “I don’t know.” It’s certainly not what Mr. Spock would say, but it would be something Captain Kirk would spout on about over some Andorian Ale. It’s one of those things about humans that confuses the hell out of Spock. We know magic isn’t real, yet we insist on believing in it.

But isn’t that what being human is all about? That massively creative imagination inspires us to be more than the sum of our parts, do more than what logic predicts is possible?

“Quincy Jones understands magic.

He sees the universe as an infinite playground of magical possibilities. He recognizes miraculous potential in every moment and every thing and everyone around him. His superpower is that he has learned to present himself to the universe as a lightning rod, placing himself perfectly to capture and conduct the ever-present, ever-recurring magical flashes of brilliance surrounding us all.”

Can you imagine the possibilities your life would present to you if you had people around you like this? It makes me envious just thinking about it. Where’s my lightning rod?

I’ll be thinking about that all afternoon; the possibilities and how to achieve them. If these guys can do it by sheer willpower, so can I.

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