Lexicon! Let’s go!

I saw the word “lexicon” and immediately went into a dialog with myself.


Lexicon? I want to go!

Go to what?

The LexiCon.

It’s not a place. It’s a word for a collection of words, a vocabulary used by a specific group.

Well, it sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Would you dress up as a word and see if people can guess what you are? Or the group the words are used by? That doesn’t sound like as much fun.

What in the world are you talking about? Dressing up for what?

The con, silly! The Lexi-Con! It’s like ComiCon but for word nerds like you, a whole convention center filled with word nerds. I went to a Library Conference once. I imagined it would be so quiet, wall to wall stereotypical libertarians from every movie you ever saw.

Was it?

Sort of, but not really. I saw Ray Bradbury there. He was the keynote speaker and read from his book The Halloween Tree. I bought that book for the kids. It’s one of our very favorites!

Why were you there? You’re not a librarian.

At the time I was volunteering for a state-wide homeschool advocacy group, CHN, and we had a booth there. The idea was to show library’s our publications, what we do, and how they can share information with their communities. Homeschoolers LOVED libraries when I was homeschooling.

Yeah, I remember those days. Story times, craft activities, and all those books the kids would bring home every week. They’d have them all over the coffee table. The one place we never had to say, “No, you can’t have that.” The answer was always, “Yes! Let’s get that one too!”

…sigh…yeah. Good times.

And remember all the weekly walks to the library?

Through all those neighborhoods. We’d play at the park a bit, stop to look at gardens, the train tracks. An all-day adventure.

And totally free.

So, are you going to go?

To what?

The Lexi-Con!

Thanks for the fun inspiration, Sammi Cox!

I’ve been suddenly inspired by one of her “challenges” before. If you’d like to read it, hop over to The Temerity of that Woman. I should do them more often. They always make me think and smile.

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