I’ve been gone a whole month and I have no idea how that happened. I swear that we skipped June. Over the last week I’ve had a thought or two I wanted to share, and now I’m considering a comeback.

But what to post? And how often? I’m not sure just yet.

I think…starting tomorrow…I’ll start small. A post shared from my phone, a quote from the book I’m reading and maybe a sentence or two about why I’m sharing it.

In June, I stopped writing all together, but by the first of July, I was sweating, and not just because summer has arrived in the desert in all its glory. I miss writing. So I started up again, added it back into my morning routine in a new way.

And it all started when I found this in my Instagram feed:

Thanks to her, I’ve been having a blast writing in directions I never knew I could! I’ll be sharing some of my favorite pieces next month as I edit and polish them up for you…I know! Me! Editing and polishing, not just barfing up whatever comes to mind and hitting “publish!”

I hope you are having an “bitchin’ summer” so far. Have you read anything awesome? Added to your TBR pile? Gone on any grand adventures? I’ll be scouring the blog feeds like mad to catch up!

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