So what should I do?

I love to share random quotes from what I’m reading each day, along with a thought or two about why I’m sharing it. It’s not really a “blog post” because it’s usually so few words, can’t really have a title, etc. Basically anything you’d do to boost the SEO of a post.

More like a social media post it seems.

I think, “I should start a Facebook page!” Then I go to Facebook and my feed these days…ugg… It’s about 75% ads, so I know my posts won’t be seen there either.

Reminds me of watching tv these days. Thirty minute time slot and ten to fifteen minutes of repetetive ads. I get bored and turn it off, much like social media lately.

I’m looking for a home. I don’t write that much; some commentary on a book or podcast, a few personal essays, and even fewer lame short stories (one that I’m excited to share soon… it’s very silly).

Where do I go? I’m tired of posting on Instagram. I literally get about 20 views a day. And I don’t want a Facebook page other than my own personal profile.

PS I do post a lot there publicly, so you don’t have to be a “friend” to see it.

Here’s what I wanted to share today:

“This heart has escaped from my control; its overwhelming sensations defy all the efforts if my reason, and I passionately love without hope, almost without return – nor is this all.” From Mary Shelley’s The Bride of Modern Italy

Don’t I know it, sister!

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