More Episodes, Traffic, and Whiskey: A Podcast Roundup

How many episodes? Oh, you’ll see. Traffic goes without saying in Southern California, but mention it anyway. And… Did you say “whiskey?!”

Long title, I know, but I’m short on ideas this morning. The Podcast Roundup is officially BACK! I know you’re excited, as am I.

Last week’s podcast roundup, as I mentioned, was more of a single podcast sum up than a round up, mostly because the podcast was so long and had so much great stuff in it. This week, I listened to shorter episodes and had more time to listen thanks to some delightful drivers that decide to drive their box truck full of shoes on the far left, through a construction zone with narrowed lanes, at many miles-per-hour over the speed limit. They crashed, took out several cars (that were probably trying to get around it on the right going even faster), and dumped a load of shoes and destroyed the truck, scattering shoes all over the freeway.

Yeah, it was fun. It didn’t look like anyone was hurt, amazingly. A tow truck was there and highway patrol. There were people trying to pick up the shoes and put them back into boxes onto a pickup truck. It took me an extra hour to get home, BUT I got to listen to a whole podcast that I had meant to listen to last week when I ran out of time. So, as usual, everything works out in the long run.

Except for those people that smashed up their cars, of course. That would suck, but maybe it kept them from a worse fate. How can we know? I’m not sure if you can feel this through my words, but I have no sympathy for people on the freeway lately. You all drive like maniacs. I do not wish you harm, but sheesh…people…please.

On with the podcasts!

The Happiness Lab with Dr. Laurie Santos – “How do I stop negative self-talk?”

Chatter: The Voice in our Head (And How to Harness it) by Ethan Kross

This episode was beautiful. Yes, I bought the book. Hindsight: having Amazon on my phone is probably a bad idea. “Mental chatter stops you from focusing on what you love right now, right in front of you.” This podcast was filled with helpful ways to use your mental chatter in good ways. Even if you don’t buy the book, listen to this. Or, if you’re not a podcast listener, get the book. You won’t regret it.

Quillette Podcast # 193: Understanding Wokeness as a Make-Work Strategy for the Privileged Class

Wokeness, the Highest Stage of Managerialism by Malcom Kyeyune

I didn’t want to listen to this. Freakin’ Socialists…but he had some very interesting things to say, ideas that had never occurred to me. I wanted to know more, so I linked to the article he wrote. I’ll be reading that later today…if I have time. New word, or phrase: “Productive Class” Those who create something someone else needs or solve a problem through work. I like it much better than “working class.”

The Creative Nonfiction Podcast #325: Kerri Sullivan

I always love listening to Brendan O’Meara. I don’t know why. He just gets my heart. I never know the writers he talks to, and I rarely want to get the book they wrote, but I do like hearing their processes and thoughts on writing and publishing. This one was about New Jersey stories. I have one. Maybe I’ll write it this coming week!

Favorite new words added to my vocabulary:

“Metabolizing” all the input, the ideas, and thoughts that you’ve been actively gathering. A time to sit and be quiet. It’s all part of the work. A part that doesn’t look like working but it is.

“Snacky” kind of reads. Those books of shorts stories, poetry, and magazines. Not something you have to spend time preparing for and processing after, a between meals kind of read.

The Minimalists – Emotions from Childhood are Holding You Back

The link here isn’t to the episode. They don’t have it on their website. It’s one of the little ten-minute tastes between full episodes. “You can’t get through life without getting hurt. You just need to know you’ll be ok when you do.” This is what secure attachment teaches us and we learn it early in life. It’s what that toddler is doing when he wanders away from his parent and looks back, or when she looks up to her caregiver when she falls.

Conversations with Coleman – The Pride Generation with Katie Herzog

Blocked and Reported Podcast

This one… I have never heard an episode on this podcast that didn’t help me to see an alternative point of view in ways I had never suspected were out there. This one did not disappoint. I immediately wanted to share it on my Facebook feed, but ultimately decided against it for fear of putting up a “friend” sorter kind of article. You know those, right? The ones where you know most people are going to read the headline and then react in not so nice ways? Ways that make you wonder why you associate with these people in any way.

This one would probably be a bonus. It would piss off my far-left AND my far-right followers. For those of us in the middle, the ones just searching for information and perspective, attempting to live in a fair and kind way to as many people as possible, this podcast is a gold mine.

I’ve linked to Katie Herzog’s podcast as well and added it to my favorites list. I haven’t listened to any episodes yet, but I’ll be trying it out next week.

Well, that’s all there is today. Nearly five hours of podcast time, thanks to the traffic. And every bit of it was good for me. I hope you find something you’d like to explore when you read these. If you do, let me know what you find on your travels. I’d love to hear from you.

Wait…one more thing.

I found a new whiskey and it is delicious. I don’t have the palate or words to describe one whiskey from another but if you like ones like Jameson or Glen Fiddich, you’ll like this. I got it at Total Wine on the way home and when I arrived home, a generous glass was poured while I related my day’s adventures to my husband. Cheers!


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