1. I’m curious, Michelle. Are these shared from your Instagram to your blog?
    It might explain why the ‘like’ button does not load. The button does load for your regular posts. Weird, eh?

      • Gotcha.
        Reallly hard to read because it does not zoom bigger. I can CTRL-scroll to make it so, but it’s more of a pain in the butt to do so because everything gets huge and then I have to scroll it back. Petty, I know.
        And like I said, the Like button doesn’t load.

        • That’s exactly why I don’t like it.
          Maybe it would be more useful if I had a IG or FB page to share it to, but it won’t share to a FB profile and I’m not using IG these days. Kinda fazing out the socials and sticking to the blog.

          • Right.
            And I noticed you hadn’t been on IG. And I feel you. I have reduced my posting to social, too. WP is already such a huge time suck. I’ve even reduced posting. I think I am just a tad burnt out from the whole thing. I participated in too many challenges that required (I believe) participation and reciprocation.

          • I know the feeling. IG does seem to be my audience and I tend to get lost in the reels (LOL like “lost in the reeds” but different!). It gets me nowhere and doesn’t make me happy.

            I tried a Facebook page a while back but they keep flagging me for “against standards” and I have no idea why. Can’t ask, can’t refute any accusations, so I just don’t use it for my blog. More of a scrapbook for me.

          • Hahaha! I hear you. I just signed up for Vero which is like Instagram but without advertising and endless reels. For photographers.
            And I have gotten lost in the reels numerous times!

            FB is high on my sh*tlist because my blog has been marked as inappropriate and I can’t share my posts unless I share the tweet (found this loophole). Seriously? Photography, short stories and poems – none of it political or religious or anything that could affront?

          • My thoughts exactly. I mean unless reading a book goes against community standards. But then… maybe it does. Can’t have that. Might hurt yourself.
            But that is me being cynical. 😅

          • Ridiculous. Bots taking over, no humans to judge that someone clicking on “Report Post” or whatever it was that got me barred… So annoying. And when you try to get it reversed, you get the message that they are too busy. Try to share my blog and you get that it was reported as abusive. FFS. I only post maybe 2, sometimes 3 times per week, if that much!

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