The Big Reading Tally of 2022!

Yes, your dreams are coming true! I’m back! And I’m bringing you one of my favorite things: A Great Big Reading Tally of 2022!

Did you miss me? I tried to walk away from this relationship, but I just can’t. You’re too dear to me. But, as I tell my husband and children from time to time, sometimes I just need a break.

My last real post was back in the middle of September, and then again in October when I considered whether or not I’d come back to blogging at all. I decided then to let it go until after the new year, even if I felt like writing again. Why? I’m not all that sure. I just got a bug about it.

Around mid-November, I started to want to write again. Sure, not writing each day gave me more time to read each morning, and it upped my annual totals for sure, but there was a drawback. I don’t remember as much of what I read if I’m not taking the time to write about it each day. I was still taking notes and commenting in my journal, but it wasn’t the same.

And… I’ll admit it… I like blogging as much as I like talking. I missed sharing my thoughts each day, wondering if there was anyone out there reading them. I missed throwing bottled messages into the sea.

Like everyone else, the last few weeks of the year always get very busy no matter what I do to avoid it. I wanted to start writing then, but I refused to allow myself to add more to my already full day and I’m glad I did that. I wrote myself a note to add some time into my daily routine after the new year and went along my merry way.

And now here I am jumping back in on New Year’s Day 2023, thinking about what I’ve read this past year. I started with reading last year’s post, and then the year before that, and promptly got discouraged and depressed. I was so excited and ready for the future. Why don’t I feel that way now?

Covid. I’m blaming it on Covid. After three years, it finally got me (and my husband, mother-in-law, a friend, and my son’s girlfriend), just before Christmas, forcing us to postpone all our festivities. To be honest, I was starting to feel left out of the whole plague thing, so it’s just as well. I’ll tell you what, though: it sucks every bit as much as I’d heard. High fever for several days, and then days of exhaustion, followed by over a week of feeling like I’ll never get over the worst head cold ever.

So…yeah… I don’t feel good physically, and it’s hard on me because I’ve never been one to get sick easily. I tend to bounce right back from anything (I went to Disneyland two days after a hysterotomy) , and this is dragging me around. I’m not happy about it. I’m feeling old and weak. Thanks, covid!

I’ll get back into the swing of things soon, I know it. Bear with me for now, while I struggle through this brain fog and get myself in order.

And now for the exciting part: The Big Reading Tally of 2022!

This year, I kept an excel spreadsheet of my reading that included the dates, title, author, genre, pages, and hours read. My hope was that I would be able to more quickly sum up my reading and it worked wonders. No more going through my journal and making lists… although that was fun too. At this moment, I’m still considering going through my shelves and finding all the books so that I can make a decorative pile and take a picture, but… covid. I’m too tired.

For my first table, the comparison with previous years!

31 books49 books71 books71 books62 books73 books
376.24 hours432.05 hours694.95 hours652.13 hours523.53 hours650.94 hours
10,133 pages14,309 pages23,948 pages22,087 pages18,525 pages22,375 pages
1.03 hours/day1.84 hours/day1.90 hours/day1.79 hours/day1.43 hours/day1.78 hours/day

More was read this year, but I still didn’t get over that “2 hour per day” average that I’ve been wanting to reach. Since I’m going to start writing again, I know I won’t reach it in the coming year either, but that’s ok. This is my pace and I’m happy with it. There are so many other things I want to do in the world!

I am usually reading to learn and explore the world, not escape from it, so I read far more non-fiction than fiction. I get most of my picks from listening to podcasts while I drive, as you probably know from all my Podcast Roundups. Those will be coming back this year too!

Fiction: 26 – 260.99 hoursNon-Fiction: 47 – 389.95 hours
Novel 11History 6
Classic 5Self-Help 5
Mythology 4Sociology/Psychology 7
Sci-Fi 5Buddhism 4
Short Stories 2Science/Medicine 4
Play 1Memoir/Biography 4
Murder Mystery 1Philosophy 3
Thriller 1Reading/Writing 3
Essays/Magazine 2
DNF (Did Not Finish) 6Business/Politics/Education 4

There it all is, laid out in a couple of tables and paragraphs, but there’s so much more going on around here. I have so much to share with you guys, but I’ll have to share it a bit at a time as it comes around in my brain and as I read in the coming months.

I hope you’re all out there enjoying your lives in the best ways. In 2023, I’m looking forward to reading more books AND blogs, listening to podcasts, knitting socks and quilting, watching movies, and visiting with friends, and spending less time scrolling through Instagram for new recipes.

Sidenote: You can find me on Instagram still. I post a picture of the sunrise every morning, along with a quote from a book I’m reading.

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year 2023!


  1. Impressive! Love the chart tally and wonder how you find time to do it all—the readings quilting, knitting, etc. And squeeze some Covid in between just for good measure . . . Hope you’re feeling better.

    • It’s great to hear from you Julia!
      I’m lucky enough to be retired, so I have a lot of time to myself. And daily routines tend to keep me on track most of the time.
      Yesterday was the first day I’ve woke up feeling mostly normal. So… Yeah… I’m finally feeling better! The human immune system is an amazing thing! 😀

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