Ritual and Illusion

What is the purpose of ritual if we’ve all sense of what it represents?

“When the Tao is lost, there is goodness.
When goodness is lost, there is morality.
When morality is lost, there is ritual.
Ritual is the husk of true faith,
the beginning of chaos.

Therefore the Master concerns himself
with the depth and not the surface,
with the fruit and not the flower.
He has no will of his own.
He dwells in reality,
and lets illusions go.”

Tao Te Ching #38

I’ve been thinking on this one all day. I keep going back to read it again.

I’ll be meditating on it again today.

I don’t have words about it yet, and today I’m off into the city for adventure so it will sit in the back of my mind marinating until another quiet moment.

ritual of valentine's day flowers
Speaking of Ritual: Happy Valentine’s Day

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