Roadrunner Musings

Book Run Adventures!

I've always dreamed about opening a bookstore of my own. One of those, if I were rich, kind of dreams. I imagine a warm meeting place where people can hang out and talk books and music, meet people, drink coffee. Maybe some used books could be shared. Children come there to find new magic....

The Rabbit Hole of “Curated”

“Curated” is an adjective that means “(of online content, merchandise, information, etc.) selected, organized, and presented using professional or expert knowledge.” It has come up in my thinking a couple times this week.

Two New Books

Two New Books

What do you do when one book is so fascinating but hard to read that you can only read an hour before getting brain fuzz?

Annual Reading Goals Achieved!

Why is this so fun for me? It’s a sickness. My annual reading goal last year was to increase my daily reading to two hours a day and I’m proud to say that I almost got there. I was only slightly disappointed to miss the mark though. I really thought I read more than...

“The French Lieutenant’s Woman”

“The French Lieutenant’s Woman” by John Fowles Oh wow…what a great book. It wasn’t just the story. The story was just good, the author’s little tricks are what really made the book so wonderful. The way he wove history in and related it to his own time was fascinating. The book was set in...