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Certainty is Murderous



Anger Leads To…

Human Memory

Nightmare Word Origins

I always find word origins so interesting.  From www.etymonline.com

Douglas Adams Quote

Why I Read History

"...I have been driven to study the past with more attention than I had formerly given to it, and have found, as Erasmus found, that folly is perennial and yet the human race has survived. The follies of our own times are easier to bear when they are seen against the background of past follies."

Betrand Russell 1943

Chapman Cohen Quote

"Facts are facts, and sooner or later we are compelled to deal with them. Theories may ignore them, but the consequences follow just the same. It is not merely our duty to face the facts, it is in our interest to do so. 
All life is an adaptation of organism to environment, and all healthy mental life is an expression of a harmony between our ideas of facts and the facts themselves."
- Chapman Cohen

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