Something I do miss about social media is a place to share my desert photos, so I’ve created a page here to highlight them. I wouldn’t consider myself a photographer, but I have always had a camera with me, even before digital and smart phones. I was the kid with camera at school events. I was the teenager at the party taking pictures. I was the young adult at work taking random pictures of the breakroom. I’d develop them, sort through, and make scrapbooks with hilarious (to me) captions about each photo.

I still have those scrapbooks and photo albums, but social media replaced them once I found it. Instead, I had my Facebook feed printed and bound each year to document my world.

But what do I do now that I don’t have any social media accounts and I’ve become accustomed to showing off my witty humor and point of view photos in the hopes of making someone smile?

Add a page to my blog, of course!

I hope you enjoy these pictures. I’ll come back and add more every week, so you come back and visit. Ok? And leave me a comment that you were here, like signing the guest book! I’d love to hear from you.

Trail Cam Photos

Years ago, I set up a trail cam in my chicken yard in the hopes of catching on camera whatever it was that was stealing my chickens at night and leaving no trace. It turned out to be a bobcat, an animal I didn’t even know we had in our neighborhood!

I also caught a lot of local birds and mammals on film, along with some of my neighbors pets, so once I didn’t have chickens anymore, I put the big water bowl out in the yard and set the camera up next to it. That’s how I found out how many different kinds of birds we have! Wow! I thought it was ALL quail and sparrows! Below, you’ll find my favorite pictures.

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It may sound crazy, but I absolutely love living here. People say that the California desert doesn’t have seasons, but they must not being paying attention because we certainly do. Things bloom, die off, and hibernate. Some flowers only bloom when conditions are just right. Grasses grow. Storms come through from different directions depending on the season. I watch the sun come up every morning and set every evening. I watch my yard come to life, die off, and return through every season.

Yardwork is awesome here because it’s mostly just keeping the paths clear and throwing a bit of water on my shade trees. I move rocks around, clear out the debris, and watch for snakes and tarantulas.

I’ll be posting things here throughout the year to show you how beautiful it can be, even if it gets blazing hot and rarely rains.

My Desert View

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