I’m putting this page up as a side-note on my personal blog to share something that changed our lives completely, homeschooling our sons through the private school option here in California. Jeepers that sounds so formal!

Here’s the thing folks, there are several great statewide homeschool advocacy groups that can give you all the legal stuff and outline all your options. California Homeschool Network was the one I found when my boys were little. They have a great Private School Guide that can help. Go read it!

It feels like you’re taking on the weight of the world when you decide to educate your own kids and, honestly, you are. Children are our future, right? What if you screw it up? What if you take them out of public school and ruin them? Well…without trying too be cynical…how much worse can you do? Look at the statistics for our schools.

I’ll have more information here later, maybe even whole paragraphs to encourage and inspire you, but I’m tired at the moment and it’s my husbands birthday, so I need to make a cake!

So for now, I’ll just say this. You can do it! Go read CHN’s page. I have a bunch of forms I made when my boys were enrolled in my school and I’d be happy to email them to you if you like. Send me an email with all your questions and concerns and I’ll be happy to answer as best I can.

I LOVED homeschooling my boys. They turned out to be pretty awesome men. If it helps and encourages you, one is in college and almost done with his AA (just turned 18) with straight A’s, and the other took off to Germany, got a job and work visa there to stay a year, came home knowing the German language well enough to translate and work as a customer service representative for an ordering app company.

It can be done. It just looks different.

Send me an email at michelle@huelle.us