Meet the Author: Michelle Huelle

Me and my afternoon cup of tea. 2023

Life sure changes quickly. This page needed to be updated, but I’m still not sure what to write. Maybe it will just keep changing, like me.

This part is the past, so will probably remain true, until some time bandit comes and changes it all… again.

Born and raised in Southern California, a Disney kid growing up, and now residing in the Joshua Tree desert, Michelle Huelle writes about her experiences as a kid, her passion for books of all genres, and her life as a wife and retired homeschooling Mom.

“My goal when I write anything is only to share my point of view about a subject, whether it be parenting, reading, or living in the social media, smartphone-connected world we find ourselves in.”

Michelle Huelle went to the University of La Verne in California to study stage design and ended up working as a stagehand for Knott’s Berry Farm and then Disneyland. She married her long-time coworker, bringing into her life her step-daughter, mother-in-law, and soon two boys of her own. After leaving “show business” to stay at home with her kids, she stumbled across homeschooling and jumped into hands-on living and learning right alongside the kids. After years of struggling with city life and trying to make ends meet, they decided to move the whole family out to the rural desert and have never looked back.

Much like last year but with less angst, I plan on spending more of my time focused on writing more consistently about what I’m reading and how I’m applying it to my life. I’m always searching for connections, human and otherwise, and would love to spend more time in deep conversation, both in virtual and actual reality.

If you’d like to contact me for any reason, just fill out the form below and I’ll answer as soon as I can. I’d love to hear from you!