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Leading The Movement of the Masses?

A government of any kind only wants to control the movement of the masses to attain its own interests. Yeah, I guess I’m an anarchist at heart.

movement of the masses
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The following quote from Trotsky’s History of the Russian Revolution is something that just…grr…

“Their motives were very clearly expressed by one of the Menshevik leaders in Moscow: If the socialists enter the government, there will be nobody to lead the movement of the masses “in a definite channel”.”

I’m starting to see (yes, rather late in life) that everywhere, in every time, fights, wars, political struggle is always about power and control, even personal and local arguments.

Why do we insist that the whole world move “in a definite channel?” Why must we believe that everything, everywhere must be controlled? Someone has to hold the reins. Someone must be in charge.

What if we let go of that idea completely and just let things be the way they are?

What if we controlled ourselves alone, held our own reins?

What if we left everyone else alone?

It brings to mind the reaction I often got when I was asked to explain how we were educating our children. We chose “radical unschooling” as our philosophy. In reality though, it chose us, or we evolved into it once we let go of the reins.

The horse analogy works well here. The reins are used to control an animal, along with a bit and saddle. The horse does not do what it naturally would do. You’re using it as a means to your own ends. That’s fine for an animal, to most people. But it’s not for humans. Any humans.

I’d explain that we supported the children, loved them, played with them, worked with them, and helped them to develop and attain their own goals, whatever they were. We offered insight and an introduction to the world around them. We made them safe and comfortable. We answered questions and added our own experience to the plans they made. And then we got out of their way.

The next question I was usually asked was, “How do you make them…?”  Insert thing you want your kids to do: math homework, read, chores, etc.

I don’t make them do anything.

Then, “How do they get a job, go to college, etc.?”

They just do because that’s what independent humans do naturally without control.

Sometimes, often, the kids would want to do something far outside our comfort zone or our ability to provide. We worked through it together, without force from either party. Once they became legal adults, they had the right to walk away from us and do as they pleased without negotiating with us.

If my children decided to live a life completely separate from mine, never to be seen again, I’d be sad, but it would be their right as individuals. I cannot force them to stay and live like me. I cannot force them to take care of me when I can’t take care of myself. I have to negotiate a relationship that facilitates that the best I can, and let the rest go.

What if we all lived that way with each other? What if no one controlled anyone else? What if we didn’t “lead the movement of the masses ‘in a definite channel’”?

Violence and Chaos of the Natural World is What Grendel Represents

When last we met, I was spiraling into the depths of a natural world filled with violence and chaos. If you haven’t read it yet, pop back to “Does Grendel Represent the Chaos of the Natural World?” and take a look.

Shall we continue?

“What does a kingdom pretend to do? Save the values of the community – regulate compromise – improve the quality of the commonwealth! In other words, protect the power of the people in power and keep the others down. By common agreement of course, so the fiction goes. And they do that pretty well. We’ll give them that.”

That is exactly what your kingdom, I mean, our nation’s government is doing right now. It’s also very much why I am leaning towards peaceful and non-violent anarchy. Live and let live.

“Rewards to people who fit the System best, you know. King’s immediate thanes, the thanes’ top servants, and so on till you come to the people who don’t fit at all. No problem. Drive them to the darkest corners of the kingdom, starve them, throw them in jail or put them out to war.”

This reminds me of my social media feed and tv news. Comply with what those in power wish or suffer the consequences.

“What is the state in a time of domestic or foreign crisis? What is the state when the chips are down? The answer is obvious and clear! Oh yes! If a few men quit work, the police move in. If the borders are threatened, the army rolls out. Public force is the life and soul of every state: not merely army and police but prisons, judges, tax collectors, every conceivable trick of coercive repression. The state is an organization of violence. Revolution, my dear prince, is not the substitution of immoral for moral, or of illegitimate for legitimate violence; it is simply the pitting of power against power, where the issue is freedom for the winners and enslavement of the rest.”

Public force and coercive repression, the cornerstone of any central government. When you pass a law by vote, you’re asking a separate group of people to use deadly force against those who do not comply. You may think it is best, but when people get held down, beat up, and shot by police for not stopping to receive the punishment for breaking that law, are you ok with that? When the police stop a teenage boy for not wearing a seatbelt, and for whatever reason they feel threatened and shoot him, that is the result of your law. When someone doesn’t pay the appropriate taxes and the government comes and takes everything they have, puts their family on the street, and takes that person to jail, that is a result of your law. When someone buys a drug and sits in their own livingroom alone to use it and relax, and the cops bust in to drag him to a box…I could go on and on but I’m digressing.

Bottom line is that when you vote for a law to be put in the books, you are authorizing violence on another in your name.

“Who says I have to defend myself? I am a machine, like you. Like all of you. Blood-lust and rage are my character. Why does the lion not wisely settle down and be a horse?”

Stop hating! Stop doing drugs! Stop … whatever. Geez! Let people be who they are and choose whether or not you want to associate with them. You know a lion by his look. You allow him to live his own way, in his own space. And you avoid running into him as prey. How about we do the same with other humans?

“Tedium is the worst pain. The mind lays out the world in blocks, and the hushed blood waits for revenge. All order, I’ve come to understand, is theoretical, unreal – a harmless, sensible, smiling mask men slide between the two great, dark realities, the self and the world – two snake-pits.”

I know, it’s all pretty dark and I had a bit of fun wallowing around in it today. I hope I didn’t terrify you. I do get a tad worked up though, especially lately. I’m feeling frustrated and lonely in this world. It seems everyone around me wants so desperately to live inside a fantasy world.

Nature’s reality can be terrifying and cruel, but we humans have a special gift, creativity. We can use it to recognize the world around us and attempt to do better for ourselves, or we can create a little bubble in our minds and live there as long as we can. That is until the bubble is burst and the world’s violence and chaos comes flooding in.

Me? I prefer to be aware of the real danger in this world and adjust my own behavior, take my own calculated risks based on my own experience (and the advice from trusted professionals), and allow everyone else to do the same.

I like Grendel. He’s a mean, nasty, violent dude. He has no remorse for who he is. He makes it very clear what he is and what he’ll do. It’s on you to be bigger and stronger than him or respect his boundaries and let him be.

Here’s something interesting I just found; this book is on the Banned Library site. Over the years it has been banned at several schools for being “anti-christian, anti-moral, and violent” and “profane.” Makes you want to read it even more, doesn’t it?


It seems that mankind wants so desperately to be ruled over and controlled by something.

Is it to absolve ourselves of personal responsibility?

Is it just too complicated to think for ourselves?

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