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The Midnight Library #3

“You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.”  – Albert Camus

Happiness just happens when you accept yourself right where you are. The meaning of life is what you’re doing right now. To look beyond this moment is to reject reality and create unhappiness.

The Midnight Library #2

Have your ever been so focused on some task that you lost time?

I recently chose to do that while waiting for my son to get home. IG reels lift my spirit and make me smile. I had some time to kill and I was too tired to read, so I dove in for some laughs.

I love that sense of losing myself in a project of any kind, but it’s very hard for me. There’s almost always a running dialog in the back of my mind while I do anything that keeps me from real focus.

Other things I need to do. Guilt about spending time. Wondering if this is the best use. Ego about whether or not it looks good or will come out right. And on and on.

Moments like these: reading this in The Midnight Library, creating the graphic, posting it here, and the process of this comment, are growth instances for me.

After Ecstasy, The Laundry #5

Final quote from this glorious book. I finished it this morning and will be writing about it soon, I promise!

It its one that I have put on a note card and added to my meditations.

You probably wouldn’t guess it, but I have a lot of very strong opinions that I’m pretty defensive about… like, violently at times.
(That’s sarcasm. 😅)

Each time I let an opinion go, I feel lighter and it’s time I actively work toward letting them all float away.

Maybe I’ll learn to listen better and have a more open heart when I do.

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