Roadrunner Musings

“The Choice”

Not only does an ebook not sit on my shelf and remind me of the epic adventure we once had, it also does not lend itself to cool cover photos. Oh well! I’m reading this because…I don’t remember. Sheesh! I think I heard about it in a Facebook Book Group. It’s about England electing...

Twin Peaks & Philosophy

I started reading this yesterday morning! I’m absolutely in love with the Philosophy & Pop Culture series. I’ve read the Walking Dead, Hobbit, Star Trek, Star Wars, and Lost ones in the past. This one is already proving itself worth the time and money!

Compulsive Reading Problems

I’m trying really hard not to worry that I may be losing my marbles, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult. Today, it’s about “American Gods.” Last year, I was scrolling through looking for interesting TV shows and found Neil Gaiman’s American Gods on Starz. I’m a Gaiman fan, so I watched an episode with my...