Roadrunner Musings

Pointless Fiction

Reading novels reminds me that other people in this world are actually people with their own lives and agendas, their own traumatic childhood or disastrous family.

Two New Books

Two New Books

What do you do when one book is so fascinating but hard to read that you can only read an hour before getting brain fuzz?

Time Difference

Something strange is going on. For a long time, I thought new digital clocks were just not made like they used to be. I had the same clock in my room since college. It was your typical digital clock; red numbers, snooze button, brown and black case. It sat there on my dresser for...

“The French Lieutenant’s Woman”

“The French Lieutenant’s Woman” by John Fowles Oh wow…what a great book. It wasn’t just the story. The story was just good, the author’s little tricks are what really made the book so wonderful. The way he wove history in and related it to his own time was fascinating. The book was set in...

Sexy Vampires

I loved vampires as a teenager and well into my twenties. They were just so damn sexy. I read every book about them, watched every movie. I saw this book on the shelf at our used bookstore a week back and thought, yes…I need to revisit this one! I devored it. It was still...