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Fast Friends


“Max glanced at him for a moment. They had found each other – this was the moment. Did they both realize it? With those few words a bridge had been built. Max knew he had been seen through by Onno as never before, just as Onno felt understood by Max, because his aggressive irony had not met with resistance, as it invariably did, but with a laugh that had something invulnerable about it. They had recognized each other. A little embarrassed by the situation, they were silent for a few minutes.”

Ever meet a new friend like this? I hope you have. It’s like falling in love and lasts forever. Till death do you part! The friendship between these two men and what happened to them is what I liked most about this book and I’m not sure it’s what the book was really about. Or was it?

Unpolished Thinking Post


I found something fascinating in this book this morning. It was something about perspective in pictures and the disappearance of God. I’m getting a vague idea about how they will discover heaven. Perspective in painting was discovered only recently in history. Pictures used to be flat and had everything in them in different sizes to represent importance or just to get it in the picture. Something about the vanishing point being where God is now and He can’t get out and we can’t get through. Pretty interesting, but I have a very tentative grasp on the concept and I’m having a hard time explaining. Maybe more of the book will help! I hope so because I’m very excited about it. It’s a long book and I’m barely a quarter of the way into it.

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