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The Midnight Library #5

Every life is so precious.

No one is a waste. No one is hopeless. The potential is there.

Each one of us causes an effect that spreads out and touches others. Each interaction creates new and unexpected miracles.

And it all starts with a heartbeat.  Life.

The Midnight Library #4

Have you ever wondered if what you call the color red is actually the same as what someone else calls red? I mean I point and say red, you agree, but are we really seeing the same color?

And when I say I’m excited to be there, do you get the same feeling? Is what you call excited, what I call excited?

We all speak our own language based on our own culture, experience, personality, and myriad of other reasons. We see what we want to see, what is close enough to our own current reality.

Communication between worlds is so complicated.

The Midnight Library #1

There is no way to do all of it. Every choice leads somewhere else.

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