Roadrunner Musings

Do It “Right”

Guess what? You can do everything “right” and still end up failing. The truth is that there is no “right” that works for everyone. How does it happen that you fail miserably while you do all the “right” things? You’re following someone else’s rule book.

It’s Not The Plant

This plant has been thriving for a couple years now. It’s in the corner of my bedroom, getting the damp soil and indirect sunlight it needed, and making me smile each time I see another leaf bud or another tendril start to grow and reach toward the window. It wasn’t always this healthy. It...

Twin Peaks & Philosophy

I started reading this yesterday morning! I’m absolutely in love with the Philosophy & Pop Culture series. I’ve read the Walking Dead, Hobbit, Star Trek, Star Wars, and Lost ones in the past. This one is already proving itself worth the time and money!

Warning: Changes Are Ahead

What is the purpose of the yellow light at a traffic signal? There are two classic schools of thought, right? “Go real fast!” and “Slow down!” Honestly, though, the yellow light is a warning that a red light is imminent? What you do with that information depends on a lot of things; your personality,...

Success vs. Fulfillment

What’s the difference between success and fulfillment? Successful: adjective, accomplishing an aim or purpose. Fulfilled: adjective, satisfied or happy because of fully developing one’s abilities or character. Is it that others may decide if you’re successful but only you decide if you are fulfilled? If someone asks me to do something, they decide if...