Roadrunner Musings

Pointless Fiction

Reading novels reminds me that other people in this world are actually people with their own lives and agendas, their own traumatic childhood or disastrous family.

Note to my 24-year-old Self

This is another post from my old blog that I’m bringing over here. I wrote it a little over a year ago. It’s amazing how things are constantly changing. “What would I tell my 24-year-old self?” That is the question I found close to the end of my “Entrusted” online bible study with Beth...

A Piece of the Puzzle

Something I’ve learned recently is that we can’t and should not try to change people. We should accept them exactly as they are. “Don’t be so negative/positive.” “Smile more!” “Don’t eat that!” “You should spend more time meditating, exercising, getting into nature.” “Socialize! It’s good for you.” Accept that person as they are if...