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Unconcious Power

What if our minds unconsciously affect the physical world around us?

The further we look out into space, the finer our calculations need to be to get where we want to go. The smallest mistake in our math here, puts us way off our trajectory a billion light years away.

So what about microphysics? What if the further inside our own physical world, the more our thinking affects what we’re looking at?

Most of us agree on the power of positive thinking, the idea that how you feel about a project will have an effect on the outcome. We’ve all solved a problem in our lives by “sleeping on it.” Creative ideas have popped into our heads when we were relaxed and focused on something else.

What if our minds can do more? What if what we think can change physical existence? Maybe it does on a small scale right now only because we aren’t tapped into and using our full unconscious potential.

I’m imagining spacecraft navigated by our thoughts alone. Instant communication, not through words but whole thought alone. What else could we accomplish?


Success vs. Fulfillment


What’s the difference between success and fulfillment?

Successful: adjective, accomplishing an aim or purpose.

Fulfilled: adjective, satisfied or happy because of fully developing one’s abilities or character.

Is it that others may decide if you’re successful but only you decide if you are fulfilled?

If someone asks me to do something, they decide if I have successfully accomplished the task. If I decide that I want to learn to play guitar, whether I’m successful at it or not is up to those that hear me play.

On the other hand, I decide if my chosen task fulfills me. I decide if the job I do is fulfilling. No one can answer the question “Is this fulfilling?” for me.

A relationship, a job, a goal can be successful but unfulfilling, or fulfilling and unsuccessful.

In life, I choose to work toward the feeling of fulfillment. I can choose to feel good about an unsuccessful attempt. I can’t choose if I’m successful.

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